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Project Planning

Every student should treat their college admissions essays like an overal project rather than individual assignments. Why? The answer is simple: Students need to keep track of several different prompts for each individual school they wish to attend. That means they need to get organized.

Our coaches create a project plan for each individual student that outlines their specific journey from start to finish including the required prompt, application type, supplemental essay questions, and deadlines!



Parents most often call us because their student is stuck staring at a blank document with no idea how to start. Why? Because their child hasn't yet found their big idea, thesis, or main topic! 

Our coaches can help your child brainstorm topics for any amount of different prompts that they need to address during their college essay writing project.


Even if a student knows their topic or thesis, it can be difficult to start writing without first outlining the skeleton of their paper. Even if they do reach the 350-500 word count requirement, a paper without an outline will come across unfocused and jumbled.

After all, a big reason colleges require admissions essays is because they want a sample of a student's mastery of the English language. If they're expected to write a college-level paper, then make sure they're using college-level strategies!


Many students treat their admissions essays like a chore rather than a work of art.. Finishing the essay can seem like the end of their journey, but in reality it's far from over. Before they hit 'SUBMIT' they need to make sure the paper is polished and presentable.

Our expert coaches will review your student's essay for structure, form, and readability before passing through it once again for content, grammar, spelling, and style!